On Friday, February 7 a plane filled with over 170 Canadian passengers returned from Wuhan, China and landed at a military base in Ontario. These individuals had been in Wuhan and unable to leave on account of the novel Coronavirus which was first detected in the area. After the first plane arrived safely, a second left early in the morning on Sunday, February 9 with plans to retrieve the last of the Canadians in Wuhan.

The National Post reported that there are 236 Canadians waiting to board the flight which left Canada today.

The plane will leave China on Monday, February 10 and the passengers are intended to be back in Canada on Tuesday, February 11.

As of now, the total number of people from Canada that have returned from Wuhan and been brought to Ontario is 213. That number could increase by more than double in the coming days.

Wuhan is the epicentre of the new coronavirus and has been under quarantine for weeks to prevent the spread of the virus. Countless Canadians were stuck in Wuhan as a result.

When the first plane from Wuhan was headed to Ontario, it stopped in Vancouver to refuel. At the time, no passengers exited the plane and after refuelling, it continued safely to its destination, explained Global News.

According to the National Post, Justin Trudeau spoke at a news conference in Ethiopia on Sunday.

He explained that Canada is prepared to offer help to China to control the outbreak if asked to do so. He continued to explain that Canada is under low threat from the coronavirus.

He also mentioned that the Canadian government is taking all the measures for protection that have been recommended by the World Health Organization and the Canadian chief medical officer.

On Friday, February 8, two more cases of the novel coronavirus were confirmed in Canada. Therefore, the total number of cases in Canada currently counts in at seven.

The Government of Canada’s website explains that three of the confirmed cases are in Ontario and four are in British Columbia.

Outside of Canada, cases have been reported worldwide in places including Australia, France, Russia, the United States, and the list goes on.

The Public health Association of Canada also states that the risk to Canadians is considered low.

The information page goes on to warn that Canadians should avoid all non-essential travel to China.

As of now, the government of Canada is working to get more Canadians home and fight the spread of the new coronavirus.

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