Andrew Scheer was not widely known to Canadians until he became the leader of the Conservative party. Since then, he has been in the news pretty regularly, especially leading up to the October 21 election. Of course, with all of the news out there, there are also plenty of Andrew Scheer photos that show him doing a number of different things, from being on the campaign trail to spending time with his family.

While Scheer wasn't exactly a household name before his leadership position, there have been a few instances of a younger Andrew Scheer being caught on camera. Though his appearance hasn't changed all that much through the years, the circumstances of his public image certainly have.

Scheer has gone from being the speaker of the House of Commons to leading an entire political party, and being in the spotlight means that he has found himself in situations that he might not have ever imagined being in before. While all of the attention might have uncovered a few unknown facts about Scheer, it's also shown how much he has changed.

In all of these photos, it's apparent how much Andrew Scheer has evolved over his time in Canadian politics, especially as the leader of the Conservative Party.

Drawing A Crowd

When Andrew Scheer goes back to his home province of Saskatchewan, he starts drawing the big crowds, something he might not have done as Speaker back in the day.

Getting Featured On TSN Radio

Scheer has been open about being a sports fan, so it must have been a lot of fun for him to be featured on TSN radio as a guest.

Meeting The Leaders Of Other Countries

Andrew Scheer isn't just leading an entire political party now ⁠— he's meeting leaders from other countries as well, including the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson. 

Showing Off His Pancake Skills

Okay, so maybe Andrew Scheer made pancakes before he was running for Prime Minister, but he probably didn't have this many people watching him do it.

Hanging With The Great One

Not just anyone can spend time with Wayne Gretzky (as well as the Stanley Cup). Leading the Conservatives gave Andrew Scheer that opportunity.

Shaking Hands Courtside

All of Canada was watching the Raptors' historic playoff run (and victory) in 2019, but Andrew Scheer got to see at least one game live, where he also got to shake a few hands right by the court!

Centre Of Attention

Andrew Scheer might not have been the person people were paying attention to when he was Speaker, but now that he is a federal candidate, all eyes are on him.

Chilling With Robots

Sure, hanging out with Wayne Gretzky would be a lot of fun, but what about getting to meet a few robots? It's 2019 after all, and one day these robots might be able to vote!

Making The Front Page

Of course, it wouldn't really feel like Andrew Scheer had made it until he got featured on the front page of a newspaper, especially one in his home province.

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