Coming to work in Canada can be a big opportunity for people, but it isn't always the easiest thing to do. One man living in Colombia decided to take action and go an unconventional route. Now, he hopes that his Colombian music video about Canada will help him find work.

Wilman Antonio “Junior” Guerrero, a construction worker who hopes to find work in Canada, created an entire musical resume that highlights both his skills and his background growing up in Colombia.

The song is upbeat, but also points out some of the hardships Guerrero has faced living in Colombia, particularly with lines like "I found my way back home, and vowed that things would change, and someday live somewhere that didn't sound like a firing range."

Guerrero sings about all of the construction vehicles that he is capable of driving and operating, as well as the experience he has working in construction.

Speaking with CTV News, Guerrero talked about the difficulties he has faced in finding work in Canada

"I’m always hearing about how Canada needs skilled workers in the construction industry," Guerrero said, "I thought it would be easier to find a job, but it has been very difficult."

Guerrero hopes to move himself and his family to Canada in order to find a better life. In addition to his music video, he set up an entire website all about himself.

Currently, Guerrero is looking for a company that has a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a document a company needs to prove that they need a foreign worker to fill a job.

Guerrero is getting help from two Canadians: Elizabeth Bromstein with Walk Like a Refugee and David Jager from the University of Toronto.

"Junior is a joy to work with. He's driven, personable, hard-working and has his eye on the finish line. Any company would be lucky to have him," Jager wrote in a testimonial on Guerrero's website.

Guerrero's unconventional resume definitely helps him stand out and shows how passionate he is about immigrating to Canada and working hard. 

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