COVID-19 is recognized as a global health crisis. Though, out here in the prairies, over 20% of Albertans apparently think the pandemic is being blown out of proportion. The stats collected through a recent poll suggest that despite threats of the disease spreading, Alberta's opinion of COVID-19 is wavering with many being skeptical.  

Even though Alberta was home to Canada’s youngest death from the disease. just under a quarter of residents believe the entire pandemic has been blown overhyped. 

Leger 360 conducted a study of 1,512 Canadians between April 3 and April 5. The results posted online show that 22% of people living in Alberta believe that COVID-19's impact is being blown out of proportion. 

Of that number, 14% believe it is partly being blown out of proportion with the remaining 8% believing it is being blown “way out of proportion.”

Comparatively speaking, out of all of Canada, only 13% of people believe it is being over-exaggerated. 

Given this, the results show that Alberta was more aligned with the United States as 26% of the population believes the same as that 22% of Albertans.

The remaining percentages of people polled in the province believe that officials are doing the correct level of response and only 4% of Albertans did not know. 

Manitoba and Saskatchewan also had a high number of people who believe the pandemic threat has been down out of proportion. 

Both provinces have 20% of the population believing the same as that group of Albertans with 77% believing there has been a correct level of response.

Only 7% of people living in Quebec believe that it is being blown out of proportion.  

The Calgary Sun talked to a spokesperson with Leger 360 who stated this level of skepticism comes from how hard the area has been hit by COVID-19. 

Ian Large told the news outlet that in Quebec, very few people feel it is being blown out of proportion because Quebec has seen bigger infection and death numbers. 

In Alberta, 1,373 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed with 26 deaths. Another 447 people have recovered. 

To put this into perspective, Quebec has 8,580 confirmed cases with 150 deaths and 720 recoveries. 

Even though some Albertans think the pandemic is being blown out of proportion, the poll found that 60% of people in the province are afraid of getting infected.

This means the province is relatively in line with the rest of the nation as 64% of all Canadians polled are afraid of contracting the dieases. 

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