It’s that time of year again and everyone is getting sick. If you haven't caught the flu yet, consider yourself lucky. Alberta has been getting hit hard with the terrible sickness this season. So far, several Alberta flu deaths have been reported from this season alone. 

Flu season is upon us and is hitting some provinces harder than others. But it's not just Ontario who is having a difficult time with the virus.  

According to CBC News, since mid-December, there have been nine fatal cases of the flu in Alberta alone. Six of the nine deaths occurred in the Edmonton area. 

Across the province, 1,670 confirmed cases of the flu were recorded between December 14, 2019, and January 4, 2020. 

Altogether, this flu season has clocked in 2,998 cases across the province. Not only has the seasonal total of influenza cases risen, but so has the number of people being hospitalized for it. 

So fas this year, there have been 461 people in the hospital for the viral infection.

According to CBC News, the Calgary area has the highest rate for the virus in the entire province with 1,425 people being confirmed to have either influenza type A or B since mid-December 2019.  

In the Edmonton zone, this number is much smaller and only 668 cases have been confirmed. 

While there has been a large number of deaths this year so far, no records have been broken.

According to the Government of Alberta website, in 2018 and 2019, there were 1,976 hospitalizations for the flu that resulted in 52 deaths. 

The flu shot has been completely covered by the Alberta government since 2009.

As stated on the Alberta Health Services website, if you are interested in getting vaccinated, there are a number of clinics that give out flu vaccinations and they can be easily found online by typing in your postal code. 

For the 2019 to 2020 flu season, the government purchased 1.6 million doses which are enough to immunize about 35% of the population. 

Altogether it cost $12.5 million. 

The flu can be caused by a number of factors but the department head of emergency medicine in Calgary has told CBC News that when people get together over the holiday season, the flu is spread easily. 'Tis the season, after all!

When you analyze the data provided by the Government of Alberta, vaccination rates have increased since 2010 from 22% to 31% in 2019.

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