Alberta's healthcare workers have been working tirelessly while the rest of the province practices social distancing, so it's only natural to want to show love for their work. However, some ways are a little safer than others. On Wednesday, March 25, Alberta Health Services announced that they're not going to be accepting food donations for the workers and staff anymore. 

Their tweet had nothing but kind words for people who have been showing support by sending in supplies or donations of food.

"We greatly appreciate the hundreds of offers from Albertans to lend a hand to our healthcare staff & the patients in our care, including the donation or supply of food," the tweet read. 

But in order to "protect the health and wellbeing" of their staff, volunteers and patients, they are no longer taking food donations from the public. 

As of now, no AHS member will be allowed to "accept or serve" any "external" food hasn't been sourced by Alberta Health Services themselves. 

They also added in the follow-up tweet that they "love that you want to give our staff donuts & goodies. We agree – they deserve it! But, the risk is just too great right now." 

Cancelling food donations, no matter how delicious, will help them limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and wellbeing of their staff, volunteers, and patients, the tweet goes on to explain. 

Even if you're no longer allowed to send in donations of food to Alberta Health Services, that doesn't mean you can't show support in other ways. 

AHS's website includes a donation portal where you can pick and choose how you want to give back to their community of healthcare staff, volunteers, and patients. 

The portal lets you choose between particular foundations, hospitals, communities, and areas of care, so you have an extensive array of options in case you want to donate to multiple organizations. 

They also share news reports explaining how your donations have been helping out AHS so far.

So you can see for yourself how your donations are directly impacting AHS's ability to serve our communities. 

If you've been wondering if you can help out AHS by donating personal protective gear and surgical masks, they're all covered in that department as well. 

A user responded to AHS's tweet thread, asking "Can we buy PPE from dentists to give to family doctors and home care nurses?" 

AHS responded, saying "We appreciate the kindness of Albertans, thinking about mask supplies in Alberta. We have sufficient supply of procedure masks and N95 respirators in Alberta, for our healthcare workers." 

On March 21, the United Nurses of Alberta released a campaign urging the federal and provincial government to provide N95 masks and respirators for nurses working the frontlines. 

However, Global News reported that AHS determined that nurses do not require N95 masks for working on the frontlines. 

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