One province is reminding us that we're all in this together by sharing its vital supplies with the rest of the nation for free. Alberta is sending N95 masks to three other provinces to help with their PPE shortages. They say that they have more than enough to share and Albertans should be proud that they're able to step up and help others right now.

During a conference on Saturday, April 11, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that they'll be sending 250,000 N95 masks each to Ontario, Quebec, and B.C. That's on top of other items like ventilators and goggles that they're also sending.

His province is doing way better than expected, said Kenney, with much fewer COVID-19 cases than predicted.

"We are at about one quarter of the modelled levels under the probable scenario for today, and that is very good news," he said.

With that in mind, he's looking to help his neighbours through their own problems. Ontario, Quebec, and B.C. are the provinces hit hardest by COVID-19, which is why they're getting the aid.

"Albertans should be very proud that we are able to extend a helping hand to our Canadian brothers and sisters in this time of need," said Kenney.

The supplies will be shipped out next week. He's also planning on sending more care packages to other provinces as the need arrives provide that they have enough to share.

On top of the quarter-million N95 masks, Ontario is getting two and a half million procedural masks, 15 million gloves, 87,000 goggles, and 50 ventilators.

Quebec is getting two million procedural masks and 15 million gloves, plus the N95s while B.C. is getting 250,000 N95 masks.

This announcement comes days after Trump asked manufacturing company 3M to stop shipping Canada the vital N95 masks needed for healthcare workers.

Days later, Trump went back on his decision. 3M is once again shipping to Canada, but it seems the move was a wake-up call for Canada to start making its own supplies.

For example, companies are now ramping up to produce their own masks and other PPE.

Some people on Twitter questioned if the province really had enough supplies to give away, claiming there are Albertan health care workers still in need of masks themselves.

"People working in Alberta shelters and nursing homes are still looking for PPE," wrote one Twitter user.

But Kenney is confident they still have enough to go around.

"I assure all Albertans that we have ample supply," he said.

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