When an unexpected lightning storm hit Alberta and surrounding areas on Monday evening and went on into the night, local residents took to Twitter to share their pictures and videos of the Alberta storm, using the hashtag #abstorm.

The stormy weather is believed to have started just after 8 p.m., surprising local residents who were not expecting the bad weather. As the evening went on, Albertans experienced strong winds, heavy rain, hail and a pretty spectacular lightning show, with the eerie storm continuing for well over an hour in some areas.

Almost immediately after the storm started, people in the area took to social media to share photos and videos of the unexpected weather, with several Canadians noting that it seemed unusual to have such a significant storm in Alberta in September.

One Albertan took to Twitter to say, “So weird that [our] largest thunderstorm of the year is happening in mid-September."

Another Canadian tweeted a similar comment, writing, "A rare treat to see frequent lightning, hear crickets, and smell rain-cooled air in mid-September in Alberta!"

While Canadian storm pictures and videos are often pretty awesome, Monday night's thunder and lightning show in Alberta was particularly special, thanks to the eerie, purple-coloured sky that accompanied the stormy weather.

In many of the photos from Monday night’s thunderstorm, the sky can be seen glowing purple, giving it an amazingly creepy Halloween-vibe!

Sharing a video of the intense lightning and the unusual coloured sky, one Twitter user simply wrote, “Real fast, real big and real quiet. Eerie."

Alongside the heavy rain and considerable winds, the storm is also believed to have brought hail to some areas in and around Alberta. One Twitter user shared a video of the “pea-sized” hail in Carstairs, at around 9 p.m. 

Another Canadian local shared a video of the “lightning show” in their area, noting that the light flashes continued for up to half-an-hour without a break. The user noted, “What a show mid-September!”

There were also reports of snow in one Alberta ski resort by Tuesday morning. One Twitter user shared a photo of the snow-covered ground, adding the caption, “Webcam at Sunshine Village at the Goatseye express snow is on the ground and it’s falling.”

For storm-lovers, Monday night’s was the perfect opportunity to capture an awesome picture and really get into those eerie Halloween-vibes, just in time for fall!

However, fortunately for the storm-haters in Alberta, the weather will be a bit more stable over the next week, with average temperatures reaching around 16 degrees. Despite the small chance of rain on Wednesday and Friday, the rest of the week looks pretty pleasant, with regular sunny spells expected!

*Disclaimer: The cover image in this article was used for illustrative purposes only.

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