As if you needed more of a reason to head to Tim Hortons. On May 29, Alberta's Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced that Alberta Tim Hortons, McDonald's, and A&W drive-thrus will be dishing out free face masks to their customers. The distribution of the masks will begin in early June. 

According to the Government of Alberta, the province will be handing out approximately 20 million non-medical masks in total at the restaurants. 

Each person will be given four masks in one package while they're getting their drive-thru order. 

The non-medical masks will be available at nearly 600 places across Alberta. They'll only be handed out at drive-thrus, so don't go looking for them at the restaurant counters. 

"Physical distancing can be maintained because people stay in their vehicles while picking up the masks," said the Minister of Health in a press release

The statement reads that about 95% of Albertans live within 10 kilometres of the included drive-thrus.

The Albertan government is also said to be working with municipalities, First Nations communities, Metis Settlements, and local agencies to dish out the masks to people who need them.

This includes people who depend on public transit to get around. 

"I want to thank A&W, McDonald’s Canada, Tim Hortons, and all of the other organizations and municipalities that have come together to help us distribute millions of masks," said Minister Shandro in the statement. 

This program is only seen as a supplementary program, so masks will only be available while supplies last. 

Albertans who wish to use non-medical masks are encouraged to purchase their own supply from local retailers in addition to using those provided by the government, said the statement. 

If you're someone who's caught up in the "to wear or not to wear" debate with regard to masks, don't worry because they're not mandatory right now. 

But government officials do encourage you to wear them when physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

Shandro also said the official distribution launch date will be shared once everything is in place and ready to go. 

The government is also coming up with a plan to hand out masks at high-risk areas such as public transit and places of worship, said the Health Minister. 

Shandro also encourages Albertans to check out the government page on masks. This page has all sorts of tips on how you can best wear masks and protect your safety. 

If you've been looking for a reason to hit up the local drive-thrus, this is it. Getting free masks with your donut or burger sure does sweeten the deal. 

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