A toliet paper crisis isn't someting many of us assumed we'd be facing in 2020. In the last few weeks, Albertans have been cleaning out their local stores amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. It seems like the Alberta toilet paper panic has become so serious that people have begun sharing hot tips on where you might be able to find your essentials. 

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer seem to be some of the top items on Albertans' shopping lists lately. 

As of March 9, 2020, three new cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Alberta, as stated by CTV News. This brings the total number of Albertan cases to seven. 

The stockpiling of hand sanitizer is understandable, as the World Health Organization has advised the public to continually wash their hands in order to kill any possible viruses.

Though the new need for a surplus of toilet paper is a little different, seeing as no government authorities or health organizations have indicated an urgency for toilet paper at this time. 

In fact, provincial governments have told the public that no stockpiling is necessary amidst this public health crisis. 

As of now, people in Alberta are clearing their local stores out of toilet paper and they are also taking to social media to share their chaotic experiences. 

A Edmonton City News reporter told their followers to head to Safeway on Oliver if they need mass bags of TP. 

Whereas another reporter told their followers how nearly 700 packs of toilet paper were gone within thirty minutes in an Edmonton location of Costco. Staff members are seen packing up the empty crates here. 

This CTV reporter shared a wild video of the TP stockpiling as it happened live. People are really not holding back.

It may seem like you don't have a chance of acquiring toilet paper amidst the mayhem. But we actually spoke to all the top grocery chains in the province and your chances are better than expected. 

Costco receives shipments every day. Though the stock is limited, you can still get your hands on TP as long as you can beat the crowds. 

The same goes for Safeway and Save-On-Foods as they receive shipments either every day or every couple of days. But once again, you will have to go in early to grab the TP rolls. 

Others have also joined to share photos of their local stores holding more than enough TP for the public. 

As for hand sanitizer, stores are having a harder time restocking. The above stores we talked to have sold out of hand sanitizer and they're not sure when they get them next. 

Luckily, there is a pretty sweet DIY hand sanitizer recipe you can use instead. When we fall on hard times, we must improvise.

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