Most TikTok challenges are hilarious, let's be honest. But there's one that's got us shaking our heads and apparently its made its way to Canada. According to police, someone in Alberta tried TikTok's "COVID Challenge" and they were arrested for it.

The dangerous new trend on the video-sharing app apparently involves licking things that don't belong to you. Of course, this isn't the brightest idea during the current pandemic. Unfortunately, it seems to be catching on.

According to a release, police in Taber, Alberta received a complaint from a local food establishment on Thursday, April 2.

In the complaint, four people walked into the store. Allegedly, they picked up a product and tried to lick it. One witness saw the act and reported it to management.

Someone took down their license plate information and police eventually identified the four suspects. One 20-year-old man got slapped with a count of mischief under $5,000.

He'll be appearing in court on Tuesday, July 7. Police promised to lay charges "to the fullest extent of the law to help curb this type of prank."

The store combed through all their goods, making sure all the packaged items were removed and the whole area was sanitized "in keeping with Covid-19 cleaning protocols," according to the release.

Taber police declined to comment on the story.

In their Facebook post, they stated that things like the "Covid challenge" are a "serious breach of good citizenship and conduct that is required during this time of crisis."

They said that clean and reliable food and water supplies are super important, especially now. Also, wasting perfectly good cleaning supplies on a prank is "unacceptable."

The pandemic really brings out the best and the worst in people.

While some people in Canada have been spreading joy, love, and hope with art and music, others are taking a less productive approach and assaulting police officers.

In Alberta, someone was arrested for coughing in a police officer's face

Recently in B.C., someone spat in the face of an RCMP officer during an arrest. 

Rather than taking part in any so-called COVID challenges on TikTok, you can take part in challenges like the Courage Challenge where you sing The Tragically Hip on your balcony like a good Canadian.

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