Right now, there could be a grown woman playing a boozy version of Ding Dong Ditch in your neighbourhood and you wouldn't even know it. Instead of martial arts, these Albertan wine ninjas come armed with boozy goodie bags. They're gifting women with free wine as a way to stay connected and it's created quite the sisterhood.

All across the province, women are suiting up in ninja costumes armed with bottles of wine. Their mission, according to group cofounder Shannan Stubbert, is to bring a bit of joy back to Albertans.

"Times are hard right now and people want to uplift each other," wrote Stubbert to Narcity. "The ninjas is a way of saying you're not alone in this and even if you cant see me, you are loved."

The all-female Facebook group started between Stubbert and her best friend as a joke, she said. They were talking about how nice it would be if ninjas dropped off goodie bags at people's houses when the idea struck. And on Saturday, May 2, the group was created.

The idea was simple; you post your address to the group and a ninja would sneak by and drop off goodies at your door.

Then you pass it forward by donning your own ninja outfit and gifting someone else in the group.

Now, just two weeks later, their little group has exploded to over 50,000 members.

Only women are allowed to join, Stubbert explained, because it made them all feel more comfortable.

"It's turned into a real sisterhood," she wrote.

However, she also acknowledges it could be risky for people to share personal information like their address online. "We encourage them to not share too much information," she wrote.

Stubbert told Narcity the group is also looking to help their local small businesses and communities.

They offer businesses places to advertise and permission to use their logo — all they ask is to donate 15% of profits to a women's shelter.

After the devastating floods that struck Fort McMurray, Stubbert says they're hoping to spread north to cheer up locals.

"Our goal is to convoy out there in our best ninja attire to spread some cheer and goodies to a city that needs a little extra love right now."

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