Well, that's off-brand for Alberta. Many parts of Alberta have been placed under a heat warning, with some regions expecting to hit 33 C between Monday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 19. Meanwhile, Ontario is set to have chilly fall weather with temperatures dipping below 20 C at the same time. Therefore, Alberta's weather will be hotter than Ontario for once.

It's not often that we can brag about our hot weather, given how long and brutal the winters can be. Some parts of Alberta looked like Winter Wonderland even in the middle of July. 

But this week is the exception. Though, you can't exactly kick back in the sun all day. 

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for 23 regions across Alberta.

From Lethbridge and Medicine Hat in the south to Fort McMurray in the north, all Albertans need to watch out for hot temperatures this week. 

Calgary will see a high of about 32 C on Monday, August 17 and a high of 33 C on Tuesday, August 18. The nights will be much cooler, with about 14 C expected on both Monday and Tuesday night, according to Weather.com

The trend of warm temperatures will continue throughout the week, with highs of 28 C, 28 C, and 29 C expected for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday respectively. 

A low of 13 C will take place in at night, so you don't have to worry about sleeping through scorching temperatures. 

Ontarians meanwhile might consider taking their light sweaters out this week. On top of tornado and thunderstorm warnings, the province is expected to officially welcome fall this week

Toronto temperatures, as reported by Weather.com, are expected to see a high of 22 C in the afternoon of Monday, August 17. 

The rest of the week follows in the same trajectory, with highs between 23 C and 24 C. It does warm up significantly by Friday when the highest temperature is set to be 27 C. 

The hot temperatures in Alberta are supposed to subside by mid-week.

Until then, residents are advised to reschedule outdoor activities to cooler hours of the day, drink plenty of water, spend time in cool indoor spaces, and monitor symptoms for heatstroke or heat exhaustion. 

This could be one of the last heat warnings for the summer as long-term weather forecast shows that Alberta is set to see a very soggy September this year.

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