Things got heated at a recent lockdown protest in Edmonton as tensions rise. The latest protest, however, has blown up due to a video taken at the scene. This video, taken at an anti-lockdown protest in Edmonton on May 10, depicts a man getting arrested by local authorities. 

The video was originally posted on the public Facebook page "Albertans Against Excessive Lockdown" and has since been circulating online. 

The video depicts the arrest as well as the circumstances that took place right before the arrest. The whole video is just under five minutes.

It begins with a voice speaking into a megaphone, saying that the government "is always subject to the people's authorities." 

There is a man seen in the video wearing a baseball cap and a blue backpack. Three officers of the Alberta Sheriffs Department are seen talking to him. 

One of the officers is heard saying that he's "in violation of public health orders." 

The man with the backpack defends himself and says that he is on the grounds by himself and asks the officers whether he's being arrested or detained. 

One officer responds that he is being detained for breaching the Public Health Act. 

The man says that he does not consent and he's not going to willingly comply with the officers' orders. Other protestors at the demonstration are heard defending the man with the backpack. 

The authorities then confirm that the man is being charged with breaking the Public Health Act. 

The man maintains that he hasn't done anything wrong and questions why he's being singled out for detainment when there are other people at the protest. 

The cops inform the man that he will be given a provincial ticket which he would then be able to fight legislatively. "Is there anything we can do before we have to put our hands on you and drag you over there?" says one of the officers. 

The man replies that the authorities are infringing upon his "God-given rights" and confirms that he isn't going to comply. 

It's that point when the officers grab the man and drag him across the ground. Others are heard shouting, "What's your badge number?" and "This is Alberta, Canada." 

The officers are then seen carrying the man across the Legislature grounds while other protestors are screaming at the authorities. 

"This is Alberta, not China," yells out one protestor, while a woman says, "You wanna look at your children at night, and show them you destroyed this country?" 

The man who was arrested has since been identified as Cody Haller by CTV News

The Edmonton Police Service confirmed to Narcity in an email that Haller was charged for two offences: failing to provide ID to a Peace Officer, and participating in a gathering of more than 15 people.

Both offences are listed in the Public Health Act's pandemic orders for obstruction. 

Edmonton Police also told us that two other individuals at the "gathering" were also "dealt with" by the Peace Officers; they were reportedly also in breach of certain sections of the Public Health Orders. 

The video on Facebook has racked up over 60,000 views and has been shared on the platform over 2,500 times. 

Premier Jason Kenney has also weighed in on the matter on the Government of Alberta website. His office is inquiring why an arrest took place on Sunday's protest and not on previous protests

He also added the right to peacefully protest is a fundamental right. 

Kenney expects that "law enforcement will exercise common sense in respecting both fundamental rights and protecting public health."

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