All hikers and outdoors-types rejoice, because we may soon be able to return to our national parks again! Both Banff and Jasper National Parks are aiming to reopen in June. Their timing is on point, because Canada just announced some other national parks will be reopening around that time, too.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on May 14 that some national parks will be returning as early as Monday, June 1.

"Getting fresh air is important, but we all have to be responsible about it," said Trudeau, adding that the parks will be opened depending on how severe the COVID-19 cases are in their regions.

Following Justin Trudeau's announcement on Thursday, Banff and Lake Louise Tourism revealed that they too will be aiming for an opening date in June.*

"This announcement is really aligned with what we're aiming for as well," Angela Anderson, director of media relations with Banff and Lake Louise Tourism, told Narcity.

"Everyone is really excited to go into the summer being able to welcome visitors again," she added. 

Mayor Karen Sorenson told Cochrane Today she asks tourists to keep away until at least June 1, while businesses prepare to reopen safely.

There'll be a ton of work before the two national parks finally reopen in June, she explained.

They'll have to figure out new measures to keep people safe, not to mention rehiring, and re-training staff in their businesses.

Similar messages came from Jasper, as the region prepares to reopen ASAP.

Mayor Richard Ireland of the Municipality of Jasper confirmed to CTV News that people should stay away until at least June.

"We don’t want to overwhelm the healthcare professionals if the virus comes in and we become a hot pocket," he explained.

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