If you need an adorable animal in your life, this could be your lucky day. The Cochrane and Area Humane Society has tons of puppies in need of foster homes and they're looking for people to take these sweet little angles home. The Cochrane foster puppies aren't yet ready for adoption, but they need loving foster parents to look after them for the time being.

On November 6, the Cochrane and Area Humane Society posted on Facebook saying "We currently have over 75 puppies in our care (not yet ready for adoption) and are in desperate need of fosters!" These puppies are so tiny and so cute you might just cry about it. 

As a foster parent for the Humane Society, you need to provide a warm and safe space for your temporary baby. The Humane Society provides food, beds, medical care and expenses, and anything you might need to help your puppy live their very best life.

Foster time frames range from two to eight weeks and many foster parents often choose to adopt their puppy after the foster period and make things official.

One thing you will need to do as a foster parent, apart from loving and caring for a puppy, is bringing your foster pup into the Cochrane shelter for vet appointments and procedures such as getting vaccines.

In order to apply to become a foster parent to one of the puppies, you need to fill out an application, attend an information session, and pay a $25 administrative fee. Apart from that, the process is completely free and you don’t even need to buy the dog food.

If you fall for your foster puppy and want to keep it forever, you can apply to adopt them and make puppy parenting your new reality.

It's really chilly out there and these shelters are doing all they can to make sure that their animals have warm, loving places to call home through the winter.

With the Humane Society overflowing with puppies in Alberta, you know exactly what to do!

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