Vacationers got a little more than they bargained for on Tuesday, February 25 when a plane had to make an emergency landing. Passengers are claiming that the Calgary flight from Cancun was forced to land in Memphis because someone was vaping on the plane. The plane was able to make a safe landing. 

CTV News has reported that a 737 plane that was headed for Calgary was forced to make a stop in the United States.

But this wasn’t a regularly planned stop, this was a forced landing due to smoke found in the cabin. 

"We can confirm that Sunwing flight WG596 on route from Cancun, Mexico to Calgary, Alberta was forced to make an emergency landing last night in Memphis, Tennessee due to reports of smoke in the cabin," Sunwing explained in a statement.

The flight left Cancun at 4:51 p.m. local time and was set to arrive in Calgary at 7:45 p.m. but never made it.

The Sunwing flight WG596 declared the emergency and prepared to land. It was believed that the smoke on aircraft was caused by a passenger's personal item that was then extinguished prior to the safe landing of the plane. 

One passenger who was on the flight happened to release a tweet about the incident, writing that someone was vaping on the plane. 

"Got to love idiots vaping on the plane! Sunwing Emergency landing in Memphis,” exclaimed the tweet.

Everyone was able to arrive safely and no damage was made to the aircraft. 

Sunwing confirmed the entire fiasco in an email and also stated that the vape discharged accidentally while on the aircraft.

The airline is now working with local authorities to investigate the matter.

At the time, they were processing the dispatching of a plane from Toronto to Memphis to bring all the passengers back to Calgary. 

Following the event, several people tweeted out their disappointment with how the airline reacted, including forcing passengers to buy blankets for $3.

"During the delay passengers were kept informed with regular updates and offered complimentary food and beverages as well as other provisions to keep them comfortable during their wait including blankets, mattresses and baby formula for infants," Sunwing told us.

Another passenger celebrated the Memphis Airport authorities who came through with food, water, clean bathrooms, and even called maintenance crews to restore the building facilities for the unlucky passengers. 

This is not the first time a flight service has come under fire following an emergency landing.

In September of last year, a terrified and disappointed woman recounted her experience with Swoop after the plane hit a flock of geese

She stated that after the plane landed, no accommodations were made for the passengers and everyone was told to all leave the airport.

"As the investigation into the emergency landing is ongoing, we do not have any additional details that we can share at this present time," Sunwing concluded.

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