It's no doubt that grocery store workers play an essential role in our communities. While everyone else has been advised to stay home, these people have continued to work in their public-facing positions. On Wednesday, April 15, the Real Canadian Superstore in Calgary announced that one of their team members had tested positive for COVID-19.

A Facebook post made by the Real Canada Superstore explained that an employee at the McKenzie location in the city's southeast had contracted COVID-19 

The post read, "One of the team members at the Real Canadian Superstore McKenzie (4700 130TH Ave SE) location in Calgary has recently tested positive on a presumptive test for COVID-19." 

It goes on to say that the store understands that people may have questions. They said they want to assure everyone that they take their safety standards very seriously. 

They also mentioned that the employee was last at the store on Saturday, April 11. 

According to the post, the store has a number of protocols in place in response to the pandemic. That includes "daily sanitization and social distancing practices" in order to minimize the risk of exposure to the customers as well as the employees. 

If you're a regular shopper at the McKenzie Superstore, you might have noticed that the store was closed over the last few days.

It turns out that the store had closed down for extensive cleaning. As of now, the store has reopened to the public. 

They finished off the post by saying that the store will work with the public health team and follow any further directions. 

Grocery stores have become quite the hot topic lately. Albertans have emptied out certain aisles altogether. Some key products have been hand sanitizer and toilet paper. 

And for many of us, grocery shopping is quite literally the only time we leave the house. So we can only imagine how grocery store workers are coping at this time. 

In order to handle the increased pressure, Superstore's parent company, Loblaws Company Ltd. has increased its staffs' pay by 15%, according to CTV News. This change was effective as of March 8. 

Calgary has been identified as a hotspot for COVID-19 in Alberta. On April 14, Alberta saw the biggest single-day jump in new cases, and almost all were in Calgary. 

Multiple frontline workers have tested positive in the city, including an Amazon warehouse worker and a 7-Eleven employee.

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