A poor Calgary woman got trapped in a tipped-over porta-potty and we have officially uncovered our worst nightmare. We’ve all heard of tipping outhouses, but we could never imagine actually being inside one when it happens. Well, Cecilia Mwalyoga caught a very unlucky break thanks to mother nature and she’s sharing her traumatizing story with the public.

Alberta got hit with some pretty hectic weather last week. From a jarring lighting storm in the middle of the night to a huge windstorm provoking weather warnings on July 27, 2019, it was a wild ride.

The Springbank Airshow was set to take place during the windstorm on Saturday, July 27. The airshow released an email statement to CBC News on that day, canceling the show and rescheduling for the following afternoon. “As safety is paramount to the Wings Over Springbank Airshow, today's performance has been canceled due to high winds,” they wrote.

As it turns out, Cecilia Mwalyoga was in attendance at the Springbank Airshow that day. Mwalyoga, her boyfriend, their five-week-old daughter, and her boyfriend’s parents — who were visiting from Germany — set out for a nice afternoon together.

After the festival cancellation was announced and attendees began to leave the premises, Cecilia made a quick stop to use the restroom, she told Global News. After a few short moments in the portable toilet, the unimaginable happened.

“I felt the wind move it a little bit. As soon as I was trying to sit, the whole thing just went on my back and the door facing downwards and I could feel all the water and everything falling on me. It was gross,” Cecilia recalled in an interview with Global News. “I was screaming my lungs off,” she continued, and we don’t blame her.

Stefan Schulze Kalthoff, Cecilia’s boyfriend, and his father watched outhouses begin to topple over. They ran over, trying to hoist porta-potties up, but since there were five or six blown over, they weren’t sure which one she was in. Cecilia awaited rescue while covered in toilet water, human waste, and dirty needles.

Cecilia and her boyfriend are left to wonder about the overall safety of the porta-potties. “What happened if we stood closer to those toilets and those 100-kilogram toilets would have fallen on our stroller?” Schulze Kalthoff told Global News.

Cecilia’s boyfriend has left messages with Super Save Toilet Rentals and heard nothing back at this time. Naturally, Cecilia is completely traumatized. 

From peepholes being discovered in porta-potties at a Vancouver campground to the tipping scandal in Airdrie, Canadians should be thinking twice before hopping into a porta-potty anytime soon, that’s for sure.

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