This guy sure made law enforcement's job easy. On August 1, a Calgary man named Jesse Scanland voluntarily confessed to a series of Calgary bank heists that took place between 2018 and 2019. On Monday, April 20, the Calgary Courts Centre deliberated on his crimes and handed him a six-year prison sentence. 

The Province reported that it was remorse that made 32-year-old Scanland confess to eight separate heists at a bunch of local banks. 

Scanland actually came forward in August to confess to another unrelated charge. However, as he was being taken to the police station, he decided to confess to the bank heists too. 

He then provided an official confession to the police. 

According to the Edmonton Sun, the courts and Scanland jointly agreed to a six-year sentence. During the court hearing, Crown lawyer Mike Ewenson said that case wouldn't have been solved had it not been for the robber's honest confessions. 

The prosecutors and the police had very little evidence to tie Scanland to the string of robberies. 

Even in one case where there were some clues, the evidence was not solid, as it was DNA found on clothing dumped in the recycling not far away from the bank. 

Ewenson added that Scanland's out-of-the-blue confessions surfaced because he had "hit rock bottom" and that he wanted to do the right thing, as explained by the Edmonton Sun. 

The Calgary Sun reported that none of the robberies involved Scanland using a weapon of any sort.

In each incident, he demanded money from the teller. In one case, he said it was for his son. In another, he even added "please" to his demands. 

The Crown official said that these robberies are "low-end and unsophisticated" and they were able to prove them because of Scanland's honesty. 

The man's lawyer, Rebecca Snukal, said that he was diagnosed with ADHD and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as a teenager, and that played a part in the development of drug addiction as a young adult. 

He's now reportedly committed to turning his life around. 

The six-year sentence was the lowest the Crown could have given in this case, despite the fact that these robberies would not have been solved without the robber's confessions. 

One thing's for sure: it's not every day that a criminal confesses to multiple crimes on the same day. 

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