On Saturday, October 10, a Calgary apartment building got a bit of a shock when a car smashed right into it. 

As it turns out, the Calgary car crash was the result of a vehicle "jumping three lanes of traffic after hitting the curb," a resident of the building, Cole Fekkes, told Narcity. 

He described the evening as a "quiet Saturday night" leading up to the incident. 

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He even went on to say that Quarry Park, S.E., where it all went down "is not a typically reckless area."

"Although it is one of the wealthier communities in Calgary, with lots of fast sports cars, people typically drive responsibly," he continued. 

He said the car hit the curb, took down a tree while flying through the air, and finally smashed through the side of the apartment building. 

Fekkes said the place was buzzing with law enforcement. "Maybe even up to around 20 individual police officers, along with around a dozen emergency response personnel, and 3 ambulances."

While Calgary police have yet to confirm, Fekkes believes three people were injured. 

As for his apartment, he said "the building has been assessed by the city, and remains in stable condition." We have reached out to the City of Calgary for confirmation and have not yet received official word. 

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