Someone definitely won Halloween this year, and no, it wasn't Kim Kardashian for her Elle Woods costume. The winner - and I'm sure many people would agree with me here - is actually an on-air reporter in Alberta. Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel's unicorn costume is going viral because - well, just look at it.

Witzel called his costume "Ferdinand the Mystical Meteorologist". He wore his colourful, figure-hugging getup, shorts and all, live on Global News Morning Calgary on October 31. He struck a few poses while his co-hosts laughed and asked, "No, no, no, what is going on here?" and "What are those shorts?"

Witzel really paid attention to detail with his look. In addition to a full-length white leotard, tight white shorts and t-shirt, he sported fuchsia legwarmers, a pink wig, a horn, ears, a colourful tail and angel wings. He even had silver hoofs on his hands. 

Although, even he admitted that the outfit was a bit too tight. "Jeez, it's tight," he said. 

Unsurprisingly, the YouTube video of Ferdinand's on-air debut has started going viral, surpassing one million views. It's also been picked up by ET Canada and shared on social media.

Ferdinand did not disappoint. He literally had the whole morning show crew in tears from laughter.

Witzel created this look all on his own. He told Global Calgary, "I had a vision in my head and spent a few days searching for things. It was a pretty random idea that popped into my head after feeling stuck on some ideas that weren’t that good."

He said he was inspired by "a family friend’s daughter who was dressing as Rainbow Brite," but admits that her look was a lot better than his. He's obviously being modest because this costume is fire.

Witzel loves to delight viewers with crazy Halloween costumes. He always brings his A-game on October 31 and says that making people smile and laugh makes all the effort worth it. If he's willing to squeeze himself into those tight shorts just to make our day, he clearly has a heart of gold. 

Twitter agrees.

The real winner of Halloween has been declared. Case closed.

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