Someone came across quite a surprise in a Calgary alleyway. On Thursday, March 19, a Calgary resident found a newborn baby in a box while walking their dog. The Calgary Police Service was able to locate the mother a day later on Friday, March 20. 

A city resident was walking their dog near Ogmoor Crescent and 76 Avenue Southeast when they spotted the baby near an alleyway. Subsequently, they made a call to the Calgary police informing them of what they had just found. 

In a statement sent to Narcity, the Calgary police confirmed that they responded to a call made from a residence in Ogden shortly before 5:00 p.m. 

The baby was found wrapped in a blanket inside the box. The police also mentioned that the baby is a girl who could be up to a "few days old." 

Upon the arrival of the police, the newborn child was immediately taken to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Services, where she is now in stable condition. 

A search was carried out overnight to find the mother of the newborn. "At this time very few details are known and our primary concern is for the wellbeing of the mother," the police had said in their press statement. 

However, within hours of asking the public to come forward with any information about the mother, the police were able to locate her. 

In a separate press statement, the police revealed that the mother is now receiving "required supports." 

Since then, the baby has been assessed as healthy by hospital staff and is now being taken care of by protective services. 

"We understand that this is a concerning incident and ask that anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they cannot care for a child, call 2-1-1 to be connected to community and social supports," said Staff Sergeant John Guigon, Child Abuse Unit.

The matter is not being considered to be of a criminal nature at this point, so no further details will be released to the public. 

The temperature in Calgary dipped as low as -12 C when the baby was found last night, according to Environment Canada

We've already seen that the Calgary police have luck tracking people down, even when their officers are off-duty and just shopping in the grocery store.

And this is just another case solved by local authorities.  

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