If you've been itching for a haircut in YYC, you're going to have to keep waiting. The government of Alberta announced on Tuesday, May 13 that Calgary's relaunch will be delayed, even as the rest of Alberta has started opening since Wednesday, May 14. This means you aren't getting that much-needed haircut until at least May 25. 

According to the Government of Alberta relaunch guidelines, most retail businesses and museums will begin to welcome the public on May 14, as was previously announced. 

But due to the number of COVID-19 cases that are still getting confirmed in Calgary and the town of Brooks, the province made a last-minute decision to put those two towns on a different relaunch schedule than the rest of the province. 

As a result, residents of Calgary and Brooks won't be able to go to hair salons or barbershops until May 25 at the earliest. 

And even then, the experience won't be the same. A lot of precautions will need to be taken, as advised by the government. 

For example, the requirement of maintaining a distance of six feet between all customers means that salons can only take a few clients at a time. 

And there is way more clean-up, so this puts on additional time constraints on the whole operation of running a salon. 

Narcity spoke to the manager of Lather Hair Salon in Calgary, Cassandra Park, who said that they were just accepting appointments from a waitlist of clients before the date for relaunch got pushed back. 

She expects her salon to get really busy when they're finally allowed to open their doors. "People have been waiting over 2 months to get appointments," she said. 

Park added that she expects a "huge demand" going forward as there are a number of people wanting to get their hair cut right away. 

So this will naturally keep the coming month fairly busy for them, she said. 

She anticipates that an entire group of people who might have been hesitant to go in for an appointment early on would then want to get their hair done as well. 

Since they can't take as many clients as they used to for any given day, Park expects that the salon will "will definitely be busy for weeks to come." 

Narcity also spoke to Beverly Robertson, the owner of The Beverly Hair Salon in the city. She said that the "demand for appointments is overwhelming." 

Robertson also reported receiving tons of new client requests. The salon had no idea that the province was going to push up their reopening date, she said, so they had to make a bunch of quick appointment changes to fit everyone in. 

One stylist had to move 50 appointments after hearing of the relaunch delay. Even then, Robertson is not "100% confident" the May 25 date is going to stick. 

So if you're over impromptu at-home haircuts, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel for you. 

But you're going to have to move fast because other Calgarians have already been taking up the sought-after slots. 

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