Car2Go is a popular carsharing company that exists in several countries worldwide. After years of operation in Alberta, they announced on Friday, September 27 that they will no longer operate in YYC. Car2Go leaving Calgary has locals totally devastated.

Car2Go announced on their website that they will be peeling out of Calgary, Austin, Denver, and Portland as of October 31, 2019 and Chicago on December 31, 2019. In the announcement they spoke to the "complex transportation markets" in the listed cities.

They explained that things have changed significantly since their North American launch in 2009. After their breakup with Calgary and other North American cities, Car2Go plans to focus their attention and resources “on the cities that present the clearest path to free-floating carshare success.” These cities include New York City, Washington D.C., Montreal, Vancouver and Seattle.

If you’re a Car2Go member in Calgary or any of the impacted cities, you can still use your membership up until that fateful date, October 31, 2019. After that, you’ll still be an active member, there just won’t be any Car2Go cars in Calgary. Therefore, you can use the services if you travel to one of Car2Go’s other locations. As it is the only carsharing service in the city, Calgarians are devastated. Though there are now scooter-sharing companies in Calgary, we can't exactly scoot into winter in Alberta.

Car2Go tweeted the tragic news on Friday, September 27 and thanked Calgary in their heartfelt announcement. "Thank you to every Calgarian who supported us over the years and we regret any inconvenience caused when service ends October 31," they wrote. In response, Calgarians shared their sadness.

"This is terrible!!" said one user. Other users said they'd be willing to pay more to keep the service. One Calgarian begged, "make it more expensive, get rid of the benzs and just leave the smartcars!" Another agreed, saying "I would rather see rates rise... car2go has made life in the inner city so much easier and cost effective." 

According to the Calgary Herald, the city's administration was only recently made aware of the problems Car2Go has been facing. Although Car2Go wouldn't explicitly state the problems they were having, they did say "the transportation market is highly volatile, especially in North America,” in their announcement. City of Calgary Councillor, Evan Woolley tweeted in response to the announcement, saying "This is not good news."

Car2Go has been operational in Calgary since 2012 and is used daily by countless locals. As Calgary does not have another carsharing service like Car2Go, locals are extremely worried about the impact on their everyday lives. One Calgarian even called on Mayor Naheed Nenshi to step in, saying "please do everything possible to save this service for our city."

Though Calgary does have Uber, the service offerings are completely different and there are no other options in terms of a free-floating carsharing service.

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