There are so many adorable critters running around the city, from adorable deer to majestic eagles. While you'd have to go into the woods to find them before, now you can catch all these amazing species from your couch. Now, the city needs your help to identify all the wildlife photos in Calgary they've taken so far.

Calgary Captured is a massive project between the City of Calgary, Alberta Environment and Parks, and more to document and classify the thousands of animals that live in the city's parks. The city just released thousands of animal photos taken from the trails and they're wild.

By using a big network of motion-sensor cameras scattered around the city's trails and parks, the project is able to snap hundreds of thousands of pictures, which are then uploaded to its site.

Locals are then asked to hop online and scan through the photos to try and name what animals were caught on screen. this way, the city is able to accurately estimate just how many animals call the city home.

If you want to check out all the animals they've caught on camera so far, you can navigate to the "collect" tab on the top right-hand side of the screen. Then you can see little collections of all the animals that others have sorted.

The project started in 2017 with just 63 cameras and 13 city parks. But according to CTV News, they've expanded to around 70 cameras and 17 parks. They've already catalogued over 200,000 photos.

It's a fun game trying to spot and name all the animals. After going to their website, you're shown a picture taken by one of their cameras; from there, you can choose from one of many animal categories regarding what critter is shown.

All in all, the project is working to help city planning and making sure that humans don't run into wildlife. That way, city managers can be more careful about animals making decisions in the future.

It's crazy thinking how many species and creatures live around the city that we don't ever think about. But with this project, you can finally meet some of your fuzzy and feathered neighbours.

Calgary Captured

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: Help classify different animals or check out their collections of up-close, high-quality wildlife photos.

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