Alberta has become one of the country's COVID-19 frontrunners. As COVID-19 numbers continue to increase in Canada, some provinces are contributing to the growth more than others. In new data released by officials, it states that Alberta is one of three provinces driving Canada’s COVID-19 growth. Comparatively speaking, Alberta’s case numbers are lower than the other two provinces. 

In an update by Dr. Theresa Tam on Tuesday, April 28, the official noted that Canada has different regional epidemics. 

While epidemic growth has levelled out in several provinces, three are leading the growth charge. 

In a document released by Dr. Tam, it is revealed that Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec are driving the recent national epidemic growth. 

Driving forces behind these regional epidemics vary and can include outbreaks in long term and senior care homes. This is especially the case in Quebec and Ontario. 

Outbreaks can also occur when vulnerable people have inadequate space for physical distancing. In Alberta, this includes work settings. 

While Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario are contributing to the growth of COVID-19, the document provided by health officials reads that Canada’s epidemic growth is slowing. 

In B.C., for instance, the curve is flattening

Previously, the number of cases in Canada doubled every three days. Now, the number of cases doubles every 16 days.

According to the government of Alberta, the province has 4,696 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 75 deaths.

At this time, 1,664 people have recovered. 

Now that the province updated the eligibility for who could receive COVID-19 testing, more cases have been confirmed. 

As of now, the province has completed 135,442,00 tests. 

Out of the infected individuals, a large majority come from the Calgary zone. 

In an attempt to flatten the curve, the mayor of Calgary extended the ban on all events until September.

This means that over 160 events that were planned to take place this summer, including the Calgary Stampede, have been cancelled. 

Quebec and Ontario, the other two provinces mentioned, are both in the running for having the highest number of cases. 

Quebec currently has 24,982 confirmed cases while Ontario is sitting at 15,381.

Even though a large number of people in these regions have recovered, there have been 2,550 deaths among the provinces. 

While everyone is a risk of catching COVID-19, the document released by Dr. Tam reads that older Canadians and males are at greater risk of experiencing severe outcomes from the disease.

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