Anti-lockdown protesters are about to hit Alberta streets. A protest against the COVID-19 "lockdown" has been planned for Wednesday, April 29 in Edmonton. The lockdown protest is going to take place near the Alberta Legislature building in the city's downtown core. 

Individuals across the city and beyond have been planning for this demonstration in a Facebook group titled "END THE LOCKDOWN ALBERTA". 

The cover photo of the group shares key details about the demonstration. Titled "End The Lockdown!," the post reads that a meetup will be held at the Alberta Legislature Grounds on April 29 at 2 p.m. 

Some of the other messages printed on the poster include "All jobs are essential!," "More lives will be lost due to suicide and domestic violence than C-19," and "Our rights and freedoms are being trampled on and we're letting them." 

Demonstrators are being asked to either walk or drive up to the area. They're also being encouraged to make and bring signs to the protest

The group was created on April 16 by Shalina Milligan and has already racked up 4245 members. 

In the "About" section of the group, you will find more information on why the group was created. 

"I created this group so we can discuss ways to end this lockdown. Depression is running high, economy is crashing. Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people," it says. 

Narcity spoke to the group's admin, Michael R. Banner, who gave us more information about the group's objectives and provided us with their official manifesto.

The manifesto reads that the group is asking for a "Risk-based approach." They have two objectives: flatten the curve, and move past this as quickly as possible. 

Therefore, they want to attain these goals by asking the government to go back to the protocols that were in place as of March 15, 2020. 

This means they would like to "relax social distancing to groups of 50 people" and reopen schools, gyms, provincial parks and playgrounds. 

"This should remain in place for a period of TWO weeks or until we have 100 ICU admissions," details the manifesto. 

In a direct message, Banner said that "we need to be adults and make some hard decisions." 

He also said that the Canadian economy has lost over $600 billion and each death has cost Canadians over $300 million. 

Narcity also spoke to the Edmonton Police Service about the planned protest.

They confirmed that they are aware of the demonstration and are working with Alberta Sheriffs on their response. 

"While the current pandemic creates unique circumstances, all participants are encouraged to express their views and actions within the law and the current public health orders," they added. 

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