While many campers made their way to a Marten Beach this week to enjoy the wilderness and fresh air, many of them got more than they bargained for when the area began to flood on Thursday. With highways around the campsite underwater, approximately 200 campers are currently stranded in Marten Beach and are unable to leave the site. To make matters worse, an evacuation order is currently in place for all of Marten Beach. 

On Thursday afternoon, Albert Emergency Alert ordered an evacuation of Marten Beach after heavy rainfall started to flood onto the roads. It was recorded that the area received a massive 185ml of rain on Thursday, which caused the flash flooding. With Highway 88 becoming completely washed out, Alberta advised residents to leave the area through Highway 750. 

However, despite the evacuation warning, the only highway with southbound access out of the campsite became completely flooded with little warning, leaving the entire campground with no way to leave the area. Eventually, the highway was actually reported to have collapsed.  

Currently, officials are using boats to reach the campers that are trapped at the campgrounds throughout this area. However, they will not be able to repair the roads until water levels lower.


In the latest update, Lesser Slave River Municipal Government stated on Friday that officials are hopeful that they will be able to reopen the road on Saturday if water levels continue to lower. 

Yet, with more rain in the forecast for Saturday, this repair might take longer than officials hope. 

According to CTV, out of the massive groups of campers that are stranded, one couple were actually in the area to get married this weekend. 

However, many of their guests are struggling to get to the area, and the future groom and bride are currently stuck in the flooded area. 

At this time, officials do not have an exact time for when re-entry will be possible for those in Marten Beach.

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