While most people across the country are celebrating essential workers, this local decided to go in the other direction. A video emerged online this week of an Edmonton man assaulting a Canada Post driver. The aggressor of this Canada Post assault has since been charged for his actions. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes: adult images. 

The video first emerged on Reddit in the subreddit r/PublicFreakout, which features videos of people getting aggressive in public. 

The video is titled, "Loser attacks essential worker" and was uploaded on Tuesday, May 12. The user's name is u/djsleepyscott. 

The video begins with a man dressed in all-black repeatedly punching through the window of a Canada Post truck. He is seen yelling at the driver and appears to be yelling profanities at them as well. 

In the background, a woman is shouting at the suspect, saying, "I'm calling the cops."

That's when the suspect begins walking away from the truck and a woman yells, "Are you okay?" from a distance. 

Narcity spoke to the individual who posted the clip on Reddit, who confirm that they were a witness to the whole ordeal. 

"I hope the postal worker is okay," said the Reddit user. 

They also told us that the assault took place in the downtown area of Edmonton.

In the comments of the video, the original poster also confirmed that the cops were called and "the video was sent to a police officer who responded on the scene."

In a statement sent to Narcity, Edmonton Police Service said that they received multiple reports of a man who was observed "publicly masturbating" and smashing the window of a postal van. 

The incident occurred in the area of 91 Avenue and 105 Street. They confirmed the date as well; the whole thing went down on Tuesday, May 12. 

Since then, the forty-two-year-old male suspect has been arrested and charged with "indecent act, mischief, and assault." 

In an email sent to Narcity, Canada Post also weighed in on the matter. 

They said that they are aware of this "unfortunate incident," and they cannot provide more information on the identity of the employee who was assaulted as it is deemed a personal matter. 

However, they're thankful for the assistance of the members of the public who called the cops as the whole incident occurred.

They also said that Edmonton police officers responded quickly to the scene. 

Essential workers have emerged as true heroes in this pandemic. 

While their work is being honoured by raising their wages, it seems that not everybody is interested in celebrating their achievements. 

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