On Friday, October 16, Dr. Deena Hinshaw addressed the public to give an update about the state of the pandemic in Alberta.

She gave an update on COVID-19 in Calgary, in which she explained that Calgary is now on the "Watch List".

The health officer said that this is because of several new outbreaks linked to social gatherings. 

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“At this time I am not recommending any additional measures from Calgary but we are working with local partners to monitor the situation closely.”

Dr. Hinshaw 

As for the province, she began her address by saying that a whopping 332 new cases were confirmed on Thursday, October 15.

This leaves the province at more than 2,800 active cases, Hinshaw said. 

She continued to say that she is very worried about the state of Edmonton.

The capital city currently has 54% of active cases in the province are in Alberta. 

She encouraged everyone to stay diligent and stay safe. 

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