On Saturday, September 21 officers found an Edmonton animal hoarding instance where they observed cats living in horrific conditions. The officers from Edmonton’s Animal Care and Control were executing a search warrant on the property. There were a total of 52 neglected cats that were rescued.

Right now, the Edmonton Police have issued arrest warrants for two women in connection to this animal cruelty investigation. In a news release on Tuesday, October 22 Edmonton police said that there are warrants issued for Kelly Jenner and Alisha Leclercq. Both of them are facing multiple charges including willfully causing pain, suffering or injury to an animal, abandoning an animal in distress and failing to provide for them.

There were more than 30 cats in "medical distress" found inside a motor home and there were another 22 cats inside a residence, both of which were on the same property. The situation was so bad that a hazmat team was called in to assist.

After the seizure of the aminals, there were 39 cats that had to be euthanized "due to serious health issues." The residence where they were discovered was actually also condemned by city officials. Once you see the photos, you'll see why the place was boarded up.

The situation was so toxic that EPS officers had to ask for a hazmat team from Edmonton Fire and Rescue Services to go inside. There were extreme levels of ammonia and decaying animal flesh.

There were 52 cats and most of them were in "ill health." This is not surprising considering they were discovered completely surrounded by urine, feces and even syringes inside the dwelling and the motor home on the property.

Police in their news release reported that 37 cats were euthanized. Chrystal Coleman, Communications Advisor with Animal Care and Control said to Narcity by phone that they seized over 50 cats and confirmed that 39 cats had to be euthanized. However, some surviving cats were transferred to the Barn Buddy program.

"16 cats were transferred to Barn homes for a chance at a better life," Coleman said. The Barn Buddy program is where cats go that are "not necessarily adoptable, but that don’t have a ton of socialization can go to be placed in a barn and become a mouser."*

*This article has been updated.

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