Self-isolation doesn't have to be so isolating when we're all in this together. At least that's the message delivered when an Edmonton balcony singer serenaded an audience below. The breathtaking performance stunned those who watched and she'll be doing more free concerts in the future, too.

Cara Leanne McLeod, who sings with the Edmonton Opera, said she felt inspired by the Italians to step onto her balcony on Saturday, March 21.

"Seeing the videos on Facebook, of them seeing off their balconies, I just thought that was really beautiful," said Mcleod to Narcity.

It's not just Italy either; singers in Canada have been doing the same.

"It's the one thing that we can do as musicians and singers to reach out to people," she continued. "It's certainly how I show I love people and support them and connect with them."

In the video live-streamed to friends and fans on Facebook, Mcleod delivered opera renditions of "Somewhere, Over The Rainbow" and John Lennon's "Imagine," along with an opera and country song.

"Over the Rainbow I feel like has this mix of hopelessness, and hope and love in it," said Mcleod. "And the opera piece I really wanted to dedicate to the citizens of Italy. I have a lot of friends who are Italian."

She said this is something she'll be doing more of.

"I for sure will do it at sunset at some point in the coming week but I don't know what day I will yet," she said.

"I've been really overwhelmed by the response," said McLeod.

"I mean it's really touching to feel the loving energy, even though people couldn't shake hands and hug," she told Narcity.

The mood's been anxious in Edmonton, especially after the province declared a state of emergency over COVID-19.

But all the singing and dancing might just get us through it.

When asked what her takeaways were, she responded: "Love one another and do whatever you can."

"I think this experience is just one of millions and millions of people who are rising up to the challenge of loving each other more," she said.

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