On January 23, 2020, just after 3 a.m., a grader was caught on video ramming right into the back of a parked car in Edmonton. The impact forced the car into the vehicle parked in front of it, clearly causing serious damage to both. The Edmonton grader video shows the huge machine hitting the vehicles, reversing, and then driving away.

According to CTV News, the incident took place in south Edmonton in the wee hours of the morning. The video was captured on a local resident’s security camera.

From the video, it is unclear if the grader is employed by the City of Edmonton. Though, Narcity reached out and was told that the city is currently working on preparing a statement regarding the accident.

A couple living in the area are the owners of both of the vehicles that were involved in the incident. Global News spoke with Kimberly Mansbridge who owns the SUV that got smashed, the Jeep in the video belongs to her husband.

According to Global News, Mansbridge woke up to find her vehicles smashed together.

She explained that she was completely shocked and very concerned about the costs she would need to incur to fix the damages.

She also mentioned that she had to get to work, so that was an added stress factor in the situation.

Luckily, she knew her neighbours across the street had security cameras and their footage proved to be fruitful as it showed exactly what had happened to the vehicles.

Once Mansbridge got an idea of what had happened, she called the City of Edmonton who, she explained to Global News, had heard nothing of the crash at the time of her call.

She also called the Edmonton Police who began investigating as a hit and run.

Edmonton is currently under a seasonal parking ban, meaning some parked vehicles must be moved if they are in areas such as major roadways, bus routes, or collector routes. 

The city was under the parking ban last night, as well.

As Edmonton was also experiencing some snowfall last night, the city said they would be plowing, sanding, and sending out graders, says CTV News.

Kimberly Mansbridge told Global News that she doesn’t know how much the damage will cost to fix.

Though we have reached out to the City of Edmonton, we cannot confirm who owns or employs the grader at this time.

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