If you haven’t been the recipient of a CRA scam call, consider yourself lucky. While they are a common occurrence in Canada, they are becoming easier and easier to uncover. Usually, the calls end with one person hanging up abruptly once it's been established that it's not real. Recently, however, an Edmonton man's CRA scam call turned into an unexpected heart-to-heart with the person trying to steal his money.

For Lukas Zapata, the conversation started off as a typical scam call with the man saying he had multiple credit cards under Zapata's name and that he owed money. 

Eventually, after tons of patience on Zapata's part, the scammer opened up to him about his personal struggles. The two strangers ended up having a deep, emotional chat. Zapata posted a video of it on YouTube.

In the video, Zapata says he was awoken from a nap by a call from a woman who claimed she worked for the Government of Canada. 

Zapata seemed convinced at first, until he gave a fake name. At which point he knew it was a full-blown scam.

Zapata told CTV News that he wanted to see how far he could take the scam and it turns out, he could take it pretty far. 

Zapata told the man on the phone that he lost his wallet when he was drunk and everything was stolen, including his social insurance number. 

The man told Zapata that he would take all of his money to which Zapata replied he could not because he needed to buy things like jelly beans and potatoes. 

In a hilarious response, the scammer told Zapata to eat mushrooms instead because potatoes are not that good for you. 

This dialogue happens for a while until around the five-minute mark when the scammers reveal themselves. They tell Zapata that they are from Bangladesh that they are going to come to his house and kill him. 

After some more back and forth, Zapata starts to ask questions such as what it's like to live in Bangladesh and why they've chosen to rob people like this for a living.

"Everyone's life is different. You're living a different life, even I'm living a different life," the caller replies.

"You have to understand one thing over here. We're living in a world where you can find an illegal job, anything that can survive your life, that can feed your stomach…I know I'm doing a wrong thing. Even I know you're a good person, so don't worry about that."

Zapata asks the man if there are other jobs in Bangladesh and the scammer says that there but he wants more money. 

When asked if he can enjoy the money he has, the scammer replied "No, but what to do? This is life. We have to live like this."

"We have to arrange something so that we can do anything in our lives. This work is feeding me. Just pray for me. Just hope for something better for me."

This statement apparently inspired Zapata to give the caller an inspirational pep talk. "Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes it can seem unfair. But we have to keep a positive mind," he said.

"Sometimes we have to do things to survive in life, but don't let that define you," he continued.

"You can be a good person, you can change that, and you can find something elsewhere you cannot cause damage to people."

Zapata told CTV News that he's not sure if his words made an impact on the caller, but at least he "planted the seed that what he was doing was wrong."

This is not the first time a Canadian has trolled scammers. One year ago, a Canadian man led the scammers on so much that they eventually swore at him and hung up. 

For once, this CRA scam call story has somewhat of a positive ending.

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