We hate to tell you this, Edmonton, but fall is over. It seems that we are heading into winter at full force.  Environment Canada warns that Edmonton is in for some seriously frosty conditions this Friday, October 25. Forecasts show that the Edmonton storm will include strong winds, snowfall and winter-like cold. So if you haven’t gotten out your winter gear, now might be the time to do so. 

This isn't the first time that Alberta got hit with snow this fall. British Columbia even fell victim to early snowfall, especially on the highways and mountain areas. By the looks of it, it seems as though Alberta's pumpkin patch, latte-sipping fall days are numbered.

According to CTV News, strong wind gusts will be accompanying “significant snowfall” in most of Alberta this week, including Edmonton. The snowfall is anticipated to hit the province by Friday and Saturday, so if you had plans to leave your house, you may want to change them. 

If you must venture out during this storm, be sure to drive carefully and always check the road conditions online before heading out. Worst case, you stay inside and watch Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with cancelling a day. 

According to CTV News, a cold-weather pattern will be hitting Alberta on Friday with winds of up to 90 km/h. Not only this but “significant snowfall” will be headed to the western and northern areas of the province. 

Environment Canada, on the other hand, is calling for wind gusts of up to 40 km/h this Thursday night, picking up to 70 km/h by Friday afternoon. Daytime highs will also be chilly as there will only be a high of 10 degrees Celsius tomorrow. By night, it will go down to -1 degrees Celsius. 

But this cold front isn’t just taking place on Friday. According to CTV News meteorologist Josh Classen, the people of Edmonton should prepare for a “significant cool down” that will last into early next week. 

By Saturday, the daytime high for Edmonton will be -1 degrees with nightfall temperatures coming in at -5 degrees. By Sunday night, Environment Canada is calling for a 60% chance of flurries and a low of -7 degrees Celsius. 

If you must leave your house this weekend, we strongly suggest wearing a winter jacket. You will definitely need it. 

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