Start sprucing up your resumes. Amazon's new $120 million warehouse in Edmonton will lead to the hiring of hundreds of employees. Here’s everything you need to know. 

According to CBC, Amazon has confirmed a new prime location for its latest warehouse. This new location is set to be in the Edmonton area - making it the second warehouse in Alberta. 

The fulfillment centre in Nisku will handle packaging and shipping of large products including patio furniture, bicycles, and hockey sticks. 

In order to keep this large cooperation going, literally 100s of full-time jobs will need to be filled. Just for the construction alone, 100 workers have already been hired. However, once the warehouse is operational, there will need to be six times the amount of employees. 

The facility, which will be approximately one million square feet in size, will need to employ over 600 full time employees. There will be job opportunities of all kinds. These positions will range from entry-level associates who pack and ship orders to mid-level and senior-level positions such as human resources and communications. 

Vibhore Arora, Amazon's regional director for Canada, told CBC that all employees will receive benefits right from day one, with no waiting period.

This large warehouse will cost around $120 million to build. It is set to open during the spring of 2020. As of June 26, 2019, the warehouse is about 40% complete, according to Global News. Shortly after construction is finished, staff will be hired. 

Amazon's new warehouse is set to be located at the Border Business Park in Nisku, directly south of Edmonton’s city limit. 

According to Global News, this will mark Amazon's 11th fulfilment centre in Canada. Ontario, which is already home to several facilities, is also set to get a warehouse similar in size to this one in Leduc County.

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