Over the past few days, a Lethbridge-based clothing company called "White and Privileged" has come under a ton of heat and outrage.

After launching the brand in July, 2020, owner Boe Zahrejko told Global News in a story on August 21 that he's gotten death threats.

I am sorry that it hurts so many people and you guys feel so strongly about this

Boe Zahrejko

Zahrejko continued that he was trying to "shut down the shop" — their social media was already deleted, but the website is still up as of the time of writing.

After airing TikTok videos and content with messages like "it's great to be white," Zahrejko asserts that "it was never about a white supremacy thing ever at any point."

Their earlier promotional ads featured people wearing the merch and holding rifles while riding Jeeps and Ford trucks.

Via Global News
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