This past spring, Gold Hunt sent Canadians into a frenzy when they hid three treasures worth $100,000 in different cities across Canada. Now, they are back at it again and we can't wait to see who claims the major prize this time around. The company made an exciting announcement on their social media today. Gold Hunt's treasure chests will be hidden in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver this summer again. 

Last month in May, Gold Hunt hid three $100,000 treasure chests in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Although it may have sounded too good to be true, this treasure hunt was no scam and came with a huge reward. 

An Alberta family found one $100,000 chest in Edmonton, a limo driver found the Vancouver treasure chest and one Alberta man discovered the treasure hidden in Calgary, after travelling all the way from Edmonton to look for it

Now, Gold Hunt is back again in Canada and offering more people the chance to use their map reading, riddle and puzzle-solving skills to take home a major prize. They posted a video on Twitter on Monday announcing that they are back and revealing some details of their next treasure hunt. 

"It is official that Gold Hunt 2 is in the works. You wanted it to be tougher, you wanted to see more history incorporated, you wanted more loot – well, ask and yee shall receive," said Chris from Gold Hunt in the video. He also promised that this hunt will be even bigger and better.

The treasure hunt is coming back to the same three Western Canada cities this time around – Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. 

If you're not near those cities this summer, no fear. "Now, if you're not able to make it out to Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver this summer, that's okay – I got some more good news. We have more cities in the pipeline," said Chris. 

Once again, the hunt will be for $100,000 worth of treasure. "We are already planning the NEXT LEVEL of coolest, real-life treasure hunt! Our team will hide $100,000 worth of Gold and Silver in Canadian Cities," reads the website. "Already, we’ve hid $100,000 in Calgary, $100,000 in Edmonton & $100,000 in Vancouver."


Maps for the three cities will go on sale this Saturday, June 29, so mark your calendars and get ready to do some digging! The hunt will start next month on July 27. 

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