If you've ever wished you could get to know Jason Kenney a little better, you are in luck. Kenney is the leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party and the province's current premier. An interview has recently surfaced which ran in past issues of both the Edmonton Sun and the Calgary Sun in 2016. The Q&A features a Jason Kenney 20 questions full-page spread.

Kenney was asked questions such as “It’s Sunday morning, what are you having for breakfast,” “What’s your fast-food guilty pleasure,” “Who’s your hero,” and, of course, “Who was your childhood celebrity crush?”

The interview has since been shared countless times around social media and some of the premier's answers are getting a little extra attention.

For example, when asked who he had a crush on when he was a child, Jason Kenney answered, "Cookie Monster." Though we did not see that one coming, we can't say we don't agree. Cookie Monster is cute, hilarious, and a little too relatable.

If you’re wondering what Alberta’s premier eats for breakfast, the answer is “toast and peanut butter.”

The internet is reacting to the re-surfacing Q&A and the Cookie Monster answer is seemingly the most notable. "So Jason Kenny's childhood crush was the cookie monster and we need to talk about this more," wrote one Reddit user.

"The Cookie Monster answers gets me every time," wrote a Twitter user. "@jkenney's childhood celebrity crush was Cookie Monster? So weird," said another.

As for the other answers, we discovered that Kenney’s hero is Abraham Lincoln, he would love to see “early U2” in concert, and his fast-food guilty pleasure is A&W onion rings.

In true Albertan fashion, he said his pet peeve is “People going slow in the passing lane.”

The 20 questions also cover Kenney's most embarrassing moment, his weirdest habit, and his favourite thing about Edmonton.

Though the interview was published in print back in 2016, the internet is bringing it back to life in a time where Jason Kenney is especially notable.

Recently, Kenney has been a topic of conversation for several reasons including the new UCP budget, the conflict between him and Rachel Notley, and his travel expenses.

As Alberta's premier, Kenney has been under the microscope, especially when it comes to the online community.

The light-hearted news of his hilarious childhood crush is exactly what the internet needed.

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