Canadian officials are urging the nation to come together during this COVID-19 pandemic and look out for one another. While the community is working on doing their part, Jason Kenney and Donald Trump aren't seeing eye to eye. Kenney is upset over what he calls a lack of support. Trump's “extremely disappointing” behaviour that Alberta's premiere is referring to is his request for the U.S. to stop selling masks to Canada. 

On Friday, April 3, Jason Kenney addressed the public and the press about the latest COVID-19 update in Alberta

During the update, Kenney gave new figures on how many people have been affected by the new coronavirus in the province. 

According to the Government of Alberta, there are so currently 1,250 confirmed cases in the province with 23 deaths. 

Among those deaths was a father in his 30s from northern Alberta and a woman in her 20s from Edmonton. 

Of the reported cases, 279 of the impacted individuals have now recovered. 

Near the end of the 50-minute update, Kenney addresses President Trump's announcement to order manufacturer 3M to stop sending N95 medical masks to Canada. 

Kenney confirmed that while masks, and other personal protection equipment, was no longer coming from the U.S., shipments were on their way from other countries. 

"The announcement today by President Trump is extremely disappointing,” stated Kenney. “If I had a chance to speak to President Trump I would remind him about Canada’s solidarity following 9/11 and in the global fight against terrorism.”

Kenney notes that Canada has made “very real sacrifices” to stand by the United States.

“As a Canadian, I am insulted by the decision announced today to block the export of crucially needed medical equipment that we need to fight the pandemic here in this country. I think it is short-sighted,” noted the Premier. 

“It underscores why we must produce our own critical equipment here at home because apparently we can’t even count on our closes friends and allies to be a supplier.”

To better illustrate this disappointment, Kenney noted several occasions that Canada was a supporter of the U.S. in difficult times. 

“We will not respond in the same way that the President of the United States has. It is very disappointing. And again, I would remind our American friends and neighbours that we have always been there, together, in important moments in history and we should be there together at this important moment in history."

But it wasn’t just Kenney that publicly expressed his disappointment with the decisions. 

Doug Ford also told the public he was “disappointed” in the President's actions. Ford even noted that as long as he is premier, he would “never, ever let this happen again to the province.”

During Trump's announcement, he noted that Americans should be wearing face coverings while in public. 

According to CBC News, Trump did admit that it was voluntary and he was unlikely to wear one himself. 

At this time, masks are not recommended in Alberta. 

During the Friday update, Dr. Deena Hinshaw stated that the scientific team on hand would be looking into this to determine a formal recommendation on wearing face masks sometime this week. 

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