The Alberta Premier has been out there dropping some serious truth bombs. On Monday, March 23, Jason Kenney took time out of his press conference to slam the scammers and the supply hoarders running rampant amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He also provided some stern instructions for the snowbirds coming home during this time. 

During his press conference on Monday, he first spoke out about the snowbirds. If you're not familiar, that's a reference to people who migrate to warmer places during the winter to escape the cold weather. They typically head back home as spring emerges.

He said that the "tens of thousands of snowbirds" returning home during this time must self-isolate as soon as they get back. 

"This does not mean going to the grocery store, it does not mean going to the kennel to pick up your dog, it does not mean dropping your RV off at a service company to be serviced," he added. 

He wants the snowbirds to seek help from family, friends neighbours or delivery services to help them out with errands and supplies. 

"We will not tolerate people coming in from overseas and mixing with the general population," he said. 

He's also considering giving out official quarantine orders at ports of entry so that there is "no ambiguity" about following the instructions on self-isolation and social distancing. 

CTV News reported that currently, the fine for disobeying self-isolation protocols stands at $100. But stronger penalties could be on the agenda if more people are found to violate these mandates. 

After his rant about the snowbirds, he drew attention to the scammers that have been trying to trick other Albertans in the past few weeks.

The scammers have ranged from posing as charity organizations offering free masks to fraudulently representing health officials and providing fake COVID-19 test results. Naturally, the scammers ask for either credit card or personal information. 

He advised Albertans to be alert about the potential scams and also exercise caution when getting phone calls from unknown sources and text messages offering free stuff.

He said that we should think twice about clicking on any random link. 

Finally, he had a thing or two to say about the hoarders. After reiterating that there is "no need" for stockpiling materials, he said that many Albertans are struggling to get supplies and have to resort to soup kitchens and homeless shelters to get fed. 

"Those who are trying to exploit seniors and others during this time of public health emergency, there must be a special place in hell for people like that," he said. 

He added that such behaviours of hoarding and stockpiling are un-Canadian, un-Albertan, unacceptable, and illegal.

If the government is able to catch any of these scammers or fraudsters, "the book will be thrown at them and they will face the full force of the law," Kenney said. 

As of March 24, Alberta's total cases of COVID-19 stand at 359, as well as two deaths due to the virus.

The number of suspected community transmitted cases has also increased, according to Dr. Deena Hinshaw per CTV News, from four to 28. 

Among the latest individuals confirmed to have the virus is an employee at 7-Eleven in downtown Calgary. The employee, who worked several shifts throughout the month of March,  may have come in contact with several people.

Anyone who visited the store between March 4 and March 17 is told to contact Alberta Health Services. 

Kenney's warning comes at a critical time of the COVID-19 outbreak in Alberta and across Canada. The number of cases is growing significantly each day, and every single Canadian plays a part in slowing the spread. 

If Albertans arriving from travel refuse to follow self-quarantine orders, it seems that Kenney is willing to do whatever it takes to get people following the rules.

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