It was a tragedy that many people in Calgary still feel today. Back in 2014, Matthew de Grood committed one of the worst mass killings in the history of the city. Now, Matthew de Grood has been granted supervised outings from Alberta Hospital despite having killed five young people. As the news of Matthew De Grood's supervised outings spread, more and more people have been posting their opinions online and it seems as though no one is in support of this decision. 

In 2014, de Grood was 22 years old when he killed five people at a house party in the city’s Brentwood neighbourhood. All five of the victims were in their 20s including Zackariah Rathwell, the youngest at only 21, Jordan Segura, 22, Kaitlin Perras and Josh Hunter, 23, and the oldest victim Lawrence Hong at age 27.

De Grood was a University of Calgary student at the time who had plans to become a lawyer. He was invited to the party that held 30 people in April 2014.

According to CBC News, there was “overwhelming” evidence supporting that de Grood was not criminally responsible for the killings. He allegedly suffered from schizophrenia. 

Since the incident, de Grood has been on medication for his disorder. One year ago, de Grood was moved from jail into a hospital with the hopes of being reintegrated.

Now, nearly five years later, de Grood has been granted supervised outings from the Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. Since the news was released, people have been expressing their concern with this move. 

According to CBC News, de Grood can spend up to three days in the city with added supervision. 

The Alberta Review Board also decided that the now 28-year-old will be able to travel within Alberta for up to a week as long as the trip is given the go-ahead and he is accompanied by a responsible adult. 

According to CBC News, the review also states that de Grood could live in a 24-hour supervised group home in Edmonton. 

The psychiatrist in charge of de Grood’s wellbeing has stated that his risk of reoffending is low, however, this hasn’t stopped the public from being skeptical. 

All over Twitter, people have been stating their concerns with the review. Lots of people are questioning how a judgment like this makes sense seeing that he killed five people. 

"Matthew de Grood got off because his dad is a high ranking Calgary police officer," accused one tweet. Others are saying that de Grood will "never be any different" despite getting help. 

In his 2016 trial, De Grood was found not criminally responsible for the murders because he believed the devil was talking to him and that a war was about to begin.

It's not uncommon for horrific crimes like this to happen in Canada. Just seven months ago, a Calgary man was grated parol after he strangled his own wife to death and cemented her into the basement. 

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