The Alberta Education Minister, Adriana LaGrange has announced that the Alberta government has appointed a panel to help develop a brand new school curriculum across the province. Changes are expected to be implemented by 2020. The new Alberta school curriculum will focus on essential skills and knowledge for Alberta students, teaching students all of the 'adulting' skills that they need.  

The updated curriculum will impact students from Kindergarten to grade 12. Some of the changes Albertan students can expect are teachings in financial literacy and age-appropriate concepts surrounding consent. Other areas of study will be in keeping with what the public deems important.

According to a media release by the Alberta government, the panel plans to emphasize the knowledge, skills, and competencies people should have by the time they finish high school.

The panel will first draft an updated ministerial order. Next, a public dialogue among Albertans will be opened in early 2020. According to LaGrange, the panel members have diverse backgrounds and experience. She believes the panel will “enhance the vision and direction for student learning in Alberta.”

The panel is made up of individuals from the education system from kindergarten to Grade 12 and post-secondary. It also includes education advocates, and career and training organizations.

This panel seeks to give students the information and education they need to⁠—you know⁠—live. If you grew up in Alberta you probably learned to play the recorder, line dance, and bake cookies. What you likely didn’t learn about was doing taxes, preparing for the ever-expanding career paths that exist, consent and communication, and a whole whack of other things we never knew we needed until it was too late.

Yet, this won't be the first school in Canada to implement these adulting classes. A Grade 12 Ontario class also offered similar courses that would help the students learn the skills they needed for the 'real world'. Some of these skills included learning how to budget and how to cook. 

We're interested to see what this new panel concludes, and we urge you to include your opinion when the mic is turned to the public.

Cheers to faking it until we make it out here in the real world. Fingers crossed for the people of tomorrow!

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