Get ready for a rare celestial event to light up the skies in Western provinces like BC and Alberta. The Northern Lights are expected to be visible in Alberta and BC tonight. It's going to be a beautiful sighting that you don't want to miss.

The Northern Lights are usually seen more in Northern Canada, but the past few days, they've been making a rare appearance in Southern Canada. Starting early Tuesday morning of this week, the Northern Lights have been dazzling many people across Canada and the U.S. in a rare appearance every night, according to The Weather Network

If you missed it, no fear! You may have a chance to see the Northern Lights tonight when they return again to light up Canadian skies in provinces like Alberta and BC. 

The lights have been brightening up cities like Edmonton and Calgary this past week and Canadians have been taking some stunning photos of the rare sighting. 

Based on the map from The Weather Network below, it looks like several places in Canada have a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights tonight, including Alberta and BC. It's even forecasted to appear in cities like Vancouver

The map below plots "out the expected cloud cover overnight for Wednesday and Thursday, with the expected aurora visibility overlayed in green", says The Weather Network.

To get you even more excited, check out some photos of what the Northern Lights have looked like the past few days in Alberta.

So if you haven't seen the Northern Lights before, get ready to check it off your bucket list tonight when it makes a surreal special appearance in Alberta and BC. 

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