An extra layer was added to the story on Wednesday, August 12, when the Red Deer doctor's killer testified in court. 

In court, 54-year-old Deng Mabiour claimed that he doesn't remember attacking Dr. Walter Reynolds in his exam room at the Village Mall walk-in clinic. An attack that ended up being fatal.  

Listen to me. I don’t remember anything because I’m sick. I want a doctor. 

Deng Mabiour

Mabiour has been charged with first-degree murder, assaulting a police officer, and assault with a weapon. 

When asked by Judge Bert Skinner if he understood his charges, Mabiour said, "No, I didn’t understand. Because I am sick."

The case will be moved before a jury on September 9. RCMP say that Mabiour was a patient at the clinic where the attack took place. 

Via The Calgary Herald

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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