Hand sanitizer is currently the hottest product on the market. Much like the rest of the world, our province is facing a shortage. Thankfully, an Alberta business is helping us out with their all-natural hand sanitizer. Rocky Mountain Soap Company has done the hard work of getting their hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada, so you can rest knowing that the solution will actually work and it's totally safe.

Narcity spoke to the company's CEO and owner, Karina Birch, who gave us the scoop about this new product and how this Canmore-based company has been adapting to the circumstances. 

Birch said that they already had a hand sanitizer prototype in their library. So after they went through the process of getting it approved by Health Canada, they realized that a lot of customers were asking for it. So they decided to do a big launch on April 1. 

There is only one version of the hand sanitizer so far, which is Lemongrass. You can get 240 millilitres of it at just $18 per bottle.

At this moment, this is the only size available but the company told Narcity that its massive one-litre bottle will become available in the coming week. 

The company ships globally, so you can get your hands on it and get it on your hands no matter where you reside in the world. 

Getting the go-ahead from Health Canada is no small feat, regardless of the size of your company.

When asked how they went about the process, Birch said that they already had a license for their workshop, which means that they already meet quality standards for Natural Health Products. 

So in order to go further, they got their hand sanitizer third-party tested to prove the alcohol level is between 60% to 80%. They also got a Kill Test done, which proved that their solution was able to kill 99% of germs within 15 seconds.*

Once Health Canada verified all that information, Soap Co. got the all-clear to start selling to customers. 

Just because there's panic in the air doesn't mean you have to necessarily compromise on your products.

If you're a fan of natural health products and you still want to stay as germ-free as possible, then you better get your credit cards out. 

"We use Ethyl Alcohol as the main ingredient to kill harmful germs. We have also added Cellulose and Chitosan (mushroom extract) to protect and moisturize hands," said Birch, when asked about the composition of her solution. 

Needless to say, the sanitizer is selling out fast. The company is releasing a fresh batch of 700 to 1200 bottles a day, while at the same time maintaining safe COVID-19 practices in their workshop. 

So if you do see a "SOLD OUT" notice on the post, you can check back the next day and hopefully expect to see more stock. They restock every day at 10:00 a.m. local time. 

Like many stores around the country, they've shut their doors and moved online for the time being. Additionally, they've had to ramp up security measures in their workshop to make sure everyone remains safe during this public health crisis. 

"We have 30 people working from home and have split our workshop and shipping teams into smaller groups working in two shifts per day," she said. 

Employees are also temperature-checked before their shifts. 

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, based within the Rockies, is all about the natural way of life.

Their company description reads, "When we say 100% natural we are talking about only using those ingredients that are of "natural origin", meaning that they are from the Earth-like fruits, vegetables or seeds." 

*An earlier version of this article, using information provided by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, misstated the amount of time it takes for the solution to kill 99% of germs. According to new information provided by them, it is 15 seconds.

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