The game of trains can be a dangerous one, especially when they stray from the tracks. Train derailments can be extremely serious, especially when they take place near traffic. A Irvine train just derailed in Alberta, leaving several train cars in a pile of ruins just off the tracks. It even caused a highway to close and significant delays are expected. 

If you haven’t heard of the hamlet of Irvine, it is a small community of 291 people located roughly 35 kms east of Medicine Hat on Highway 1.

In the case of this derailment, no injuries have been reported just yet and CP Rail has confirmed that the train in question was one of theirs, according to Global News. As a result, the Trans-Canada Highway near Irvine will be closed until further notice. As such, the area is advised to prepare for significant delays.

Unfortunately, this is not the first train derailment in Alberta this week. On Tuesday, over a dozen train cars derailed in southeast Calgary. This train belonged to CN Rail, according to Global News.

14 cars total went off the tracks in the CN Sarcee Yard around 7 p.m. A representative from The Calgary Fire Department told Global News that two conductors were on the train at the time of the incident but they were able to walk away uninjured.

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with trains in Alberta, but we sure are glad that no one has been injured in either of these catastrophes. Though the Irvine derailment isn’t reported to have harmed anyone, it will slow traffic, which just adds to the slews of terrible traffic Albertans are set to endure this long weekend.

Stay safe and stay alert at the wheel (and all the time) out there, Albertans.

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