We always knew bears liked honey, but apparently, they are also fans of Brazilian BBQ. Over the weekend, a massive black bear walked into a busy restaurant in Alberta and surprised everyone. The entire thing was caught on surveillance footage. 

On Sunday, July 7, 2019, it looks like a hungry black bear was just looking for some dinner like everyone else. Apparently, he had a craving for Brazilian barbecue because he walked right into a restaurant in Canmore. 

The doors for Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue restaurant were open and the smell was apparently too good to pass up. The black bear walked right into the restaurant with confidence at 7 PM – just in time for the dinner rush!

Although a close call, surveillance footage shows the encounter as being rather harmless. According to the video posted by the restaurant on their Facebook, you can see the black bear coming into the establishment at a healthy pace. 

The bear quickly realized that he was out of his element and paused for a few seconds before turning around and leaving as if nothing happened. 

Even though the bear had its eyes set on some yummy BBQ, it left without anything – but the restaurant-goers went home with a good story to tell. Thank goodness they have the video to back it up or no one would believe it! 

"A bear tried to come into the restaurant today but we told him, 'No shirt, no shoes, NO SERVICE!'", read the Facebook post. 

This is not the first time a black bear was caught on camera doing something crazy! Just one week ago, an adorable black bear was caught showing off his impressive leaping skills in a backyard in Canada. In this instance, the bear was caught on camera jumping from the edge of a man's deck to a tree. 

However, some of the bear encounters this year haven’t been so adorable. About one month ago, a Canadian woman was forced to save herself and her pitbull from a bear attack. She managed to capture a lot of the encounter on video and it is absolutely terrifying. 

It’s probably a good thing that the Alberta restaurant has now opted to close its doors in order to prevent any other hungry intruders. 

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