In the weeks following the federal election, many Albertans have expressed interest in separating from Canada. Wexit, a movement rallying for the separation of Western Canada from the rest of the country, has gained a lot of support recently. Wexit's leader, Peter Downing, has been touring Alberta and hundreds of people have shown up to his rallies across the province. Though the movement has a pretty large following, Wexit support polls show that most Albertans would vote against separating from Canada. 

A poll published on November 19 by Abacus Data shows that, if given the chance to vote, 75% of the Albertans surveyed would vote against Wexit.

In Alberta, 18% of residents said they would be happy if the separation were to happen, 18% said they would feel "ok" about it, 24% said they would be unhappy, and 39% said they would be very unhappy.

As for the other provinces, almost half of the Ontario residents surveyed would be very unhappy if Alberta separated. In Quebec, 11% of residents would be happy about separation and 44% would feel ok about it.

Though 75% of Albertans wouldn't want to separate from Canada, the survey shows that the same amount feels that Alberta is treated unfairly by the rest of the country.

When asked “Do you believe Alberta is being treated fairly or unfairly in its relationship with the rest of the country?” most Albertans feel like the province is getting the shaft.

The poll shows that 65% of Saskatchewan also thinks Alberta isn’t treated unfairly, whereas the rest of the country doesn’t share this view. In fact, more than half of residents in all other Canadian provinces think Alberta is being treated just fine.

As for Albertans who would vote in support of Wexit, there is almost an even split between men and women, with 24% of supporters identifying as female and 27% as male.

In regards to age, the largest age bracket of supporters is aged from 45-59.

The survey was conducted online and asked 3,000 Canadians to share their thoughts surrounding Wexit.

Since Justin Trudeau was re-elected as Canada's prime minister, the buzz about Alberta's separation has been louder than ever.

Though, according to this poll, the majority of Albertans would opt to remain part of Canada if they had the chance to vote on it.

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